Steve Donahue is a Christian, husband, father, pastor, teacher, and businessman who is committed to a multi-generational legacy.

Here are the life and ministry links associated with Steve Donahue.

Home School Hope

This is my latest venture.  It is a podcast and blog designed to help more people become successful homeschoolers.

The Legacy Podcast

This is the podcasts of Steve Donahue that is focused on helping people build multi-generational legacies.

Mount Tabor Baptist Church

This is the Facebook page of the church that Steve Donahue is currently leading.  Many of the messages from the pulpit ministry are re-recorded for The Legacy Podcast.

Bethel Farm

This the website of our farm.  The website is mainly operated by my oldest son.  His blog which also talks some about the farm is here.

See Through Window Cleaning

Here you will find information about the window cleaning business that Steve owns and operates.

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